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Help us test the new free online e-Redbook

eRedbook - A Child’s Online Personal Health Record

The eRedbook is an online personal child health record based on the existing, paper-based, Redbook. It is designed to allow parents/carers to maintain records of their child’s health online and, as the eRedbook develops further, will allow Health Visitors and other professionals to contribute.

The eRedbook project is a national pilot supported by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. Staff are encouraged to invite new parents in Liverpool and Sefton to take part to trial this innovative product and sign up for their own eRedbook at

eRedbook - Your digital redbookWhat are the advantages of the online version?

As the use of internet applications becomes more common, including for parents, it makes sense to be able to keep a record of their child’s health online. Also, the eRedbook is much more secure than the paper version – it cannot be lost or damaged, so important health records will always be safe. eRedbook uses Microsoft HealthVault to store data – this is a privacy and security enhanced online service designed to put individuals in control of their health information.

The eRedbook provides individuals with the tools to manage their own healthcare online with access/links to a range of national and local information. Links are already available to the ‘Birth to Five’ book and the information currently in the paper version Redbook. This will increase as the eRedbook develops.

The eRedbook and information about the child can be accessed anywhere at anytime via their smartphones, tablets or laptops/PC’s. Parents can also choose to share data directly with family members or those individuals directly involved in caring for the child and family. The online calendar provides alerts and reminders for when a development review or immunisation is due. Parents can upload photos of developmental firsts along with those important dates so that there is a much more interactive record of their child’s progress to look back on over time.

Professionals working with parents/carers and families will continue to complete the paper version of the Redbook until the eRedbook has been developed further to allow them to contribute online. The eRedbook is free to use and works well on laptops, tables and mobile devices.

More information can be found at, on our eRedbook Facebook page, or by emailing

You can also view our eRedbook Parental Explanation film.

More information on eRedbook is available from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH).