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Family Nurse Partnership

What We Do

A mother and daughter reading with a family nurse

The Family Nurse Partnership is a voluntary home visiting programme for first time young mums, aged 19 or under and their families. A family nurse visits the young mum regularly, from early in pregnancy until their child is two years of age.

The Family Nurse Partnership programme aims to enable the young person to:

  • Have a healthy pregnancy
  • Improve their child’s health and development
  • Plan their own futures and achieve their aspirations

Family Nurses are equipped with guidelines, materials and practical activities to work with families.

We have two teams one based in Sefton and the other in Liverpool. Each team consists of specially trained Family Nurses, a Supervisor and a Quality Support Officer. Family Nurses are registered Nurses or Midwives who have completed additional specialist training to become Family Nurses.

More information about the Family Nurse Partnership can be found at

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Telephone: 0151 296 7978


Telephone: 0151 247 6987


Referrals are made through GPs, Midwives and the Family Nurse Partnership. Health Professionals please contact Ruth Taylor or Helen Moore to find out more information about referring into the service and to gain access to a referral form.

The service accepts referrals from first time young mothers aged 19 and under with a Liverpool  GP who are less than 28 weeks pregnant.

Sefton Family Nurse Partnership

In September 2015 Sefton council agreed to establish an integrated 0-19 Healthy Child Programme which will replace the current 0-5; health visiting and Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) and 5-19 school health service.  The new model will be operational by 1st April 2017.

This means the FNP will no longer be offered as a specific stand-alone programme after March 2017. However, the Council will work with the current FNP nurses and the new service to ensure that all existing clients as of 31st August 2016 continue to receive a service that closely mirrors that of the national programme.

In preparation for the transition of services, referrals to the programme will not be accepted after the 31st August 2016. Clients who would have been eligible for the service will be supported by the Health Visiting service, who will assess the level of support required based on client need.

The new integrated 0-19 specification includes the provision of an enhanced model of support to vulnerable families. The model will be developed with the new provider, with input from the current FNP staff and clients. Partners will be consulted and updated on the progress during the development and implementation of the new model. Liverpool Community Health Family Nurses, and the new service from April 2017, will continue to provide a caring and quality service to vulnerable families.


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