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Diabetes Dietetic Service

What We Do

The team of specialist diabetes dietitians provide a high quality service for all those who access the service with diabetes. This includes providing tailored dietary advice to encourage improvement in food choices, nutrition and promote physical activity.

Specific services the diabetes dietitian provides include:

  • Advice for newly diagnosed and established diabetes
  • Dietary and lifestyle advice for changing from oral hypoglycaemic drugs to GLP-1 or insulin treatment
  • Courses on Carbohydrate Counting
  • Dietary advice for people with diabetes and other coexisting conditions e.g. obesity, hyperlipidaemia, renal disease and coeliac disease including referral to specialist colleagues as appropriate
  • Advice for patients on insulin pump therapy
  • Specialist clinics for young people with diabetes


Community Diabetes services include:

  • Clinics: The team of diabetes dietitians provide regular adult outpatient clinics for people with diabetes at 13 different locations across Liverpool
  • Group education sessions for people with type 2 diabetes: The sessions are held at 3 different localities across Liverpool 
  • Domiciliary visits: Domiciliary visits can only be undertaken for people with diabetes who are bedbound and housebound/unable to travel

For advice on the appropriate diet for diabetes download the Food and Diabetes booklet.

Find Us

The Diabetes Dietetic Service is based within both the diabetes centre at the Royal Liverpool hospital and Liverpool Community Health.


Referrals for all Diabetes Patients

  • Referrals can be accepted from GP's, Consultants, Hospital Doctors, Practice Nurses and Diabetes Specialist Nurses
  • All referrals must include the reason for referral, height, weight, BMI, any relevant medical history, biochemical test results (including Hba1c), medication and other relevant information
  • Please ensure that newly diagnosed diabetes patients have the relevant diagnostic blood results to confirm their diagnosis


For further information please contact Clinical Lead Specialist Diabetes Dietitians on 0151 295 3868

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If you have any feedback for our services, please feel free to contact us via our Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS).