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Be Clear On Cancer

Would you recognise the early signs of bowel, breast or lung cancer?

Cancer claims the lives of around 1,330 Liverpool residents every year, making it the city’s biggest cause of death. Together, bowel, breast and lung cancer account for nearly half of Liverpool cancer deaths. But cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence – finding it early makes it easier to treat and improves survival rates.

The NHS wants everyone in the city to be aware of some signs and symptoms which you should get checked out by your GP. If you discover any of these symptoms then make an appointment – the likelihood is it won’t be anything serious, but if a problem is found then by getting treated sooner you’ll be improving your chances of beating the disease.

Have you noticed any of the following?

Bowel Cancer

(for three weeks)

Download the Be Clear on Bowel Cancer leaflet.

Breast Cancer

Download the Be Clear on Breast Cancer leaflet.

Lung Cancer

(for three weeks)

Download the Be Clear on Lung Cancer leaflet.

Liverpool GP, Dr Steve Connolly, said: “There are many reasons why people might not report changes in their health to the doctor – sometimes they might not recognise the symptoms as being anything significant, or feel embarrassed talking about them, or think that they’ll be wasting their GP’s time.

“Some people might also assume that if cancer is detected then there’ll be nothing that can be done for them. But we know that diagnosing cancer sooner can save lives. For example, if found at the earliest stage, bowel cancer has a survival rate of more than 90% over five years, yet less than 10% of patients nationally are diagnosed this early.

“Finding cancer sooner makes it more treatable and could save your life. If you experience any of the symptoms highlighted in the campaign then please speak to your GP – we want to see you!”