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Sexual Health

Our sexual health services provide free and confidential advice and support for both women and men on a wide range of sexual health issues:

Please click on the links below for further information about each service:

  • Sexual Health
    Find out information about Liverpool Community Health's Sexual Health Services
    • Abacus
      Abacus aims to provide you with advice, counselling and information on all aspects of your sexual health. The service will provide you with all methods of reversible contraception, some screening for sexually transmitted infections and advice about unplanned pregnancy.
    • Armistead
      The Armistead is a free and confidential sexual health promotion service for Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people and for male and female sex workers.
    • SAFE Place Merseyside
      SAFE Place Merseyside is a Sexual Assault Referral Centre. We aim to provide choice and confidential support to adults or young people following sexual assault or rape.
    • So To Speak
      So To Speak is a sexual health information and education service for young people aged 13–19yrs that live or socialise in Liverpool - Particularly those at risk of social exclusion and those who are not in Employment, Education or Training.
    • Trans Support Service TSS
      Find out about the LCH Trans Support Service (TSS) which supports clients with Gender Dysphoria.
    • Love is Infectious