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What We Do

The Armistead is a free and confidential sexual health promotion service for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) people and for male and female sex workers.

LGBT Support

Armistead LGBT Services

The following groups are held in Armistead Centre at The Beat in Liverpool ONE, address can be found under the 'Find Us' section of this page:

LGBT Drop-in

An informal space for LGBT people aged 18+ to access information and support from peers and staff.

Tuesdays 6.00pm-9.00pm and Friday 2.00pm-4.00pm


  • 45+ Group is a social group for LGBT individuals over the age of 45.
  • BOLD is a Support Group for people with Learning Disabilities.
  • Positive Men’s Group is a support group for men living with HIV.
  • Parents & Carers Group is a support for parents and carers of LGB people.
  • Women’s Group: support for Gay and Bisexual Women aged 18 years and over.

For further information about groups held at Armistead please call Armistead’s Helpline on 0151 247 6560.

Drugs and Alcohol

Armistead holds a drug and alcohol harm reduction peer support group for LGBT people every Monday of the Month 5:00pm to 7:00pm.


Outreach is carried out in clubs, bars, pubs, public sex environments (PSEs) and public sex venues. Outreach workers work in pairs and can be identified by the NHS identification they carry. They offer free condoms and lube, and sexual health information. Stop us if you see us about and say 'Hi!’

One to One Appointments

These are available for sexual health, sexuality and lifestyle information and advice, accessing Armistead Services, support and information on services dealing with hate crime, domestic violence, and mental health.

To arrange a one to one appointment, please call Armistead's Helpline on 0151 247 6560.

Appointments are free and confidential.

HIV Rapid Testing

HIV testing drop-in sessions on Wednesdays 2pm-3:30pm

MSM Clinic

Gay and bisexual men’s sexual health clinic  every Monday.

For further information or appointment please call Armistead’s helpline on 0151 247 6560.

Hosted Groups

  • LIV.FAST Network is a Trans Support Service for female to male Trans individuals which meets on the third Wednesday of each month.
  • Spirit Level is a Trans Support Service for male and female Trans individuals which meets on the first and third Monday of each month.
  • Queer Notions is a mental health support service facilitated by Registered Mental Health Nurses (RMNs) and volunteers with a mental health professional background. This group runs alongside the LGBT drop-in 7-9pm (see LGBT drop-in section for more details).
  • Merseyside and Cheshire Transgender Family Support Group meet bimonthly on the second Saturday. 

Armistead Street

Armistead Street Outreach

Armistead Street

Outreach is carried out across the city of Liverpool on streets and in areas where female and male sex workers base themselves.  Outreach workers work in pairs and can be identified by the NHS identification they carry. They offer free condoms and lube, sexual health information, free needles and work as part of an emergency street based needle exchange service.

Armistead Helpline

The helpline can be accessed for information and advice on a range of issues, including sexuality, gender, coming out, sexual health, drugs and alcohol, sex work and referrals to TSS and other services.

Armistead’s helpline runs:

  • Mon-Fri: 10.00am - 3.00pm

Call us on 0151 247 6560.

Find Us

To access any of our services or for information and support ring on 0151 247 6560

  • Monday - Friday: 10.00am – 6.00pm
  • Saturday: 11.00am - 7.00pm

Based in Liverpool City Centre.

The Beat,
Hanover Street,
Liverpool, L1 4AF

Helpline: 0151 247 6560
Secure Fax: 0151 247 6599

Administration Office: 0151 247 6500


To access any of our services or for information and support ring our Helpline on 0151 247 6560 or The Beat administration office on 0151 247 6500.

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If you have any feedback for our services, please feel free to contact us via our Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS).