As of 1 April 2018 Liverpool Community Health Trust has been acquired by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

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Trans Support Service TSS

What We Do

LCH Trans Support Service (TSS) is a new service which has been set up to support local transsexual, transgender, and gender non-conforming people by listening to them, informing them of available options to relieve their gender distress and empowering them to move forward with their lives.

Clients can expect up to 4 hour long sessions with an experienced Therapist/Counsellor.

The sessions will have 4 main goals:

1. To help the client understand themselves better.

This will be done by the taking of a client history, to help the therapist and client both understand how the client has arrived at this point in their life and how their gender dysphoria (GD) has manifested itself and affected their life.

2. Help make them aware of available options for resolving their gender dysphoria.

This will be done by educating the client, including an overview of the use of hormones and surgical procedures to resolve GD and the wider health implications.

3. Help determine life goals and explore ways in which the client might be able to meet them.

This will be done by making the client aware of the social implications of gender transition. For example, the requirement to live in role prior to genital surgery, the impact upon partners, family and friends, the Gender Recognition Legislation and how to go about changing name.

4. To help ensure that they are receiving all of the support that they need.

If a client is feeling depressed, are having problems with housing, employment, addiction or substance use or relationship or sexual problems, we can refer them directly to appropriate support agencies without them having to return to their GP. We can also support their GP with any onward referral to a gender identity clinic and associated funding application if appropriate. We can also signpost clients to other local Trans specific support agencies.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above information please do not hesitate to contact the LCH TSS service on 0151 247 6555

Find Us


Trans Support Service (TSS) has relocated to The Beat in Liverpool ONE:

The Beat
Hanover Street/David Lewis Street
Liverpool, L1 4AF


Clients will usually be referred to the service by their GP and can then expect up to 4 hour long sessions with an experienced Therapist/Counsellor.

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If you have any feedback for our services, please feel free to contact us via our Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS).