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Virtual Ward

What We Do

Virtual Ward provides co-ordinated Health and Social Care for patients who are at high risk of emergency admission to hospital – such as those with long term conditions and frail or vulnerable older people.

Team member meeting to discuss delivering supportIt is called “Virtual” because you stay in your own home and “Ward” because it works like a hospital ward, where all the different members of the team meet regularly and work in a co-ordinated way to support you with your health and well-being needs.

By working together more closely through the Virtual Ward, the team can better manage each patient’s condition to keep them well and prevent them from being admitted to hospital unnecessarily.

The Virtual Ward team

District NursesThe Virtual Ward is staffed by a team of Health and Social Care Professionals who work closely with GPs. This includes District Nurses, Community Matrons, Medicines Management, Therapists, Health Care Trainer and a Social Worker.

The team will be able to access extra advice and help from a range of services that are appropriate for a patient's care. This may include Heart Failure Nurses, Respiratory Team, Diabetes Team and Dieticians.

Again much like a ward environment patients will be referred if necessary but may not need input from all of these services.

The team will meet fortnightly but communicate regularly to identify any patients who require visits or discuss any changes to the care of patients. Any changes will be discussed with patients and an individualised plan put in place.

Sharon's Story

Please see here  a video -  Sharon’s Story about joined up care.

Find Us

There are 4 Virtual Wards in South Sefton:


Tel: 0151 247 6004
0151 922 2890


Tel: 0151 247 6926
Fax: 0151 928 8241


Tel: 0151 247 6342
0151 924 0035


Tel: 0151 531 0228
0151 531 1186




Seaforth / Litherland



 Dr Goldberg

Dr Choudhary, N

Crosby Village Surgery

Dr Coulter, SW

 Dr Misra

Dr Dilworth, A & Partners

Crossways SSP Practice   (Dr Sharma)

Dr Sapre / Dr Griffiths (Maghull Family Surgery)

Dr Morris & Partners

Dr Goldberg, D

Dr Doran, CL & Partners

Dr Thomas, B & PJ

Dr Pitalia (Orrell Lane)

Dr Fraser / Halstead

Hightown Village SSP Practice

Dr Thomson, C & Partners, (High Pastures)

Dr Pitalia (Rawson Road)

Litherland PC WI Service

Dr Hughes, MI & Partners

Dr Wray & Partners, (Westway)

Dr Roberts & Partners

Dr McElroy, C & Thompson T

Dr Shaw, CR & Partners


Dr Srivastava & Partners

Dr Sapre, S, (Aintree Road)

Thornton SSP Practice


Dr Stanley & Partners

Dr Taylor, N

Dr Tong, N & Partner


Dr Stephenson, SJ & Partners, (Bootle Village Surgery)

Dr Vickers & Partners, (Bridge Road Medical Centre)

Dr Vitty, F & Partners



Dr Williams, N & Partners



Who is chosen to be part of the Virtual Ward?

If the Virtual Ward team and your GP believe you will benefit from an increase in support for a long term condition(s), or if you have been referred for a specific treatment or care, and if you are over 16 and registered with a South Sefton GP then you may be chosen to be part of the Virtual Ward.

We aim to help keep patients happily independent, reduce the need for urgent hospital admissions and empower patients to feel confident with their own health conditions.

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If you have any feedback for our services, please feel free to contact us via our Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS).