As of 1 April 2018 Liverpool Community Health Trust has been acquired by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

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Equality Objectives

Liverpool Community Health is committed to creating a culture in which equality and human rights are actively promoted and in which everyone is valued as an individual.

For Liverpool Community Health, equality and human rights is about promoting health equalities for all groups and communities by identifying and overcoming barriers to access and inclusion.

For you this means a service that is fair, flexible, engaged and responsive to cultural, physical or social difference.

The Equality Act asks public sector organisations, including NHS organisations, to publish at least one Equality Objective by 6 April 2012. Liverpool Community Health has published three Objectives which have originated from our Single Equality Scheme and our Equality Delivery System (EDS) submission. EDS is a new national tool that replaced the Equality Performance Improvement Toolkit (EPIT) as the new standard way to measure performance on equality and diversity across Merseyside. 

Our Objectives have been inspired by the EDS Goals:

Quarterly Reports will provide an update on the progress of these Objectives.

Objective 1 – Better Health Outcomes for All

Objective 2 – Improved Patient Access and Experience

Objective 3 – Empowered, Engaged and Well Supported Staff

Objective 4 - Inclusive Leadership at All Levels

For further information please contact:
Kate Jones
Equality and Diversity Manager 
Tel: 0151 295 3243