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Vision and Values


Together with partners, we will provide high quality, person and family-centred community services, as close to home as possible. 

The vision is designed to stress a number of really important aspects of our work – these are:


The core values of Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust were developed in partnership with over 1,000 members of staff.
They represent a commitment to our patients and community that the decisions we make will be in the best interests, and influenced by, the people we serve.


We care for our patients, their families, each other and the community.


We are a community of professionals dedicated to providing the best quality healthcare for the community.


We collaborate across disciplines, with patients and the community to ensure best possible health outcomes.


We have the courage to deliver care to communities and groups that present significant health and social challenges. We develop and try new solutions to tackle healthcare problems.


We show commitment in our work, taking personal and team responsibility for our actions. We encourage and support our patients in taking responsibility for their health.

Strategic Objectives

Underneath the strategic priorities are five priorities for 2017/18:

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