As of 1 April 2018 Liverpool Community Health Trust has been acquired by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

For more up to date information please visit: to access Physical Health Services.

You can contact Liverpool Community Services' Patient Advice and Liaison Service on:

Tel: Freephone 0300 7900 224 or 0151 295 3019 Email:

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Where We Work

Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust provide more than 60 different healthcare services and employ around 1700 staff. Each year, on average, our staff deliver care to:

Liverpool experience some of the highest levels of poor health and health inequalities, compared to the rest of England. Whilst improvements in medicine mean that we are living longer, many people locally are living with multiple, long-term conditions.  Although some lifestyle improvements have been achieved, such as a reduction in smoking rates, poor lifestyles remain a significant challenge for the city region.

The importance of delivering care that is focused on prevention and getting health interventions right the first time is crucial to improving health outcomes for patients in the long-term. Demographics show that our population is ageing, and long-term conditions are occurring at a younger age than the national average, meaning that people are living longer with more long-term conditions than ever before.

LCH provide a range of health and care services to address these needs and help people to live longer healthier lives – especially children and adults with complex, on-going health conditions and frail elderly people.

Our team of dedicated staff deliver high quality care for patients from birth to end of life, and from head to toe. They made over two million patient contacts over the last year. Our staff and services are part of the local communities. The relationships we build with patients, their families and the community means that each and every day our staff help to sustain and improve people’s lives.